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organ 217

July 2020

3 manuals
33 speaking stops

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St Editha



Harrison & Harrison,
1927, 2014
Henry Willis & Sons, 2017

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The original Saxon church here was destroyed by invading Danes who ransacked Tamworth in 874 and again in 943.  It was rebuilt by King Edgar in 963.  Editha, probably King Edgar's aunt, who was canonized shortly after her death in the 960s, thus became its patron saint.  Most of the present building dates from the Norman period.

The present organ dates from 1927, replacing an 18th century instrument by Samuel Green, and some of Green's pipework is still present.  This was one of the last instruments built by Arthur Harrison himself.
A programme of restoration was embarked upon in 2014, when Harrisons carried out essential work on the console.  A more complete restoration was made possible by the generosity of a member of the congregation, who offered to fund the whole project.  It was completed by Henry Willis & Sons in 2017.

In addition to cleaning, the work involved re-lethering of the underactions of the manual divisions, the manual drawstop slider machine and all six reservoirs.  The inaugural recital was given on 20th October 2017 by Philip Scriven, formerly director of music at Lichfield Cathedral.

Celebrate the fourth of July with an organ duet as July 2020's Music of the Month.
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