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organ 171

September 2016

3 manuals
28 speaking stops

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St Anne




Henry Willis, 1913

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The association's visit to Liverpool this summer included a visit to a second Willis organ: an almost totally unmolested Henry Willis II.  The organ was originally installed in the North Transept but, following completion of the chancel with an organ chamber on the north side, it was moved to its permanent present position in 1915.  The case was added in 1917.  Its original specification called for a Swell Contra Fagotto 16ft and Pedal Ophicleide 16ft, both "prepared for" complete with labelled stop knobs; sadly, these have never materialised.

Although the organ would now clearly benefit from some attention, even a complete rebuild, the tonal qualities of the instrument were readily appreciated.

The photo (right) shows two BOA members (including your webmaster) enjoying this instrument while playing the last movement of Wesley Duet for Organ.

You can listen to Christopher Herrick playing the Willis organ in the Royal Albert Hall as September 16's Music of the Month.

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