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organ 133

July 2013

3 manuals
speaking stops
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St German


William Hill, 1885
Henry Willis, 1964

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This was the second organ visited by BOA members during our "organ crawl" to South Wales in September 2012.

Originally built by William Hill, it was rebuilt in 1964 by Willis & Sons when the original Choir organ was altered to form the present Positiv.

Clevedon Organs cleaned and partially releathered in 2009.

The casework, by G F Bodley, was restored in 2002 with finance from CADW (a Welsh word meaning "to keep/protect"), the Welsh government's historic environment service that works to conserve Wales's heritage.

The instrument was awarded a Grade II Historic Organ Certifciate in 2007, and its excellent tonal qualities were readily appreciated during our visit.

You can listen to this organ, played by Dr Guy Whatley, by following this link to (July 13's) Music of the Month

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