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If you're reading this, you have presumably found your way to the new, improved (I hope!) BOA website.

The original BOA website was designed almost ten years ago (I can hardly believe it!) in the days when the internet was still rather a novelty for many folk - even for many BOA members! It was a rather sober affair, so one thing I've tried to do with the new website is to modernise the "look and feel".  For example, the navigation buttons are now placed horizontally underneath the header on each page, with a pull-down sub-menu where necessary, allowing a wider area on each page for presenting information.  The header itself contains some gently scrolling images (is your favourite stop included?).

Of course, much of the content will necessarily be the same: details of forthcoming events, reviews of past events, and our Organ of the Month feature that by now runs to over 100 instruments.  These last two features remain available via an archive link to pages from the original website, while the former is now presented via a link to Google Calendar with its built-in mapping links.  This should provide a more useful service to members as our personal diaries are increasingly transferred to electronic media.

Ten years is a long time in the fast-moving world of IT, and more innovative technologies are now commonplace on the internet. Hence we now have a blog ("web-log"), which provides an opportunity for members and website visitors to particpate in the new website by commenting on the posts (posts are moderated by the Webmaster before publication). The contact/email page has also been improved. A "Members' Area" has been created with password protection where information intended only for paid-up members of the association will be posted (including the current newsletter and, later perhaps, an e-version of the Members' Handbook) . Even our "Organ of the Month" feature has been spruced up with a scrolling slide-show on the Archive page and (from the launch of the new website) a more modern page design for each monthly organ.  In addition, we have an entirely new "Music of the Month" feature with links to external audio/video files for your delight!  Finally, for those of you who like the latest information to be delivered directly to your desktop, or even to your mobile phone, BOA can now publish news via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds.

I do hope that you approve of these changes, and that you'll soon find your way easily around the new site and start using some of the new facilities it offers. One of the opportunites we must not ignore (and I know the IAO feels the same) is to attract organists of the younger generation, and these modern communication technologies are surely one way in which we might achieve that.

Webmaster, BOA

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