ORGAN OF THE MONTH 99: September 2010

St Paul's, Brighton
(Hunter, 1893 / Hill, Norman & Beard, 1970)

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Continuing a look at organs encountered during this year's IAO Congress, St Paul's Brighton was visited for the association's AGM after which Holy Communion was celebrated.  Between these two events, IAO delegates were able to play the historic organ by George Hunter of Clapham.  It has recently been awarded a Grade 1 Historic Organ Certificate by the British Institute of Organ Studies in recognition of it being an outstanding example of a large instrument by Hunter in original condition.

Although a fourth manual and its associated drawstops are present, the "prepared for" Solo division pipework has never been installed, and so the stop names are included in the Specification purely for interest.  During 1968-70, the organ was renovated by HN&B, when a Great Mixture and Trumpet plus a Pedal Trombone were added.



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Last modified: August 29, 2010