ORGAN OF THE MONTH 90: December 2009

St Thomas, Stourbridge
(Nicholson & Lord 1913; Canter 1983, 1994)

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Former BOA President Andrew Fletcher recently retired from here after 15 years' service, since when the Acting Organist has been Joe Waggott, the association's Leonard Gibbons sponsored student for this year.

The organ comprises pipework from various builders and of various dates, but the Choir Organ is largely the work of Nicholson & Lord of Walsall, from a vintage period for that builder.  More recent additions are the work of Kenneth Canter.  The church is hoping to raise money for a restoration in the near future.

The organ has moved around the church over the years: originally on a West End balcony, it then occupied a position on the opposite side of the chancel before moving to its present location.

A number of modifications have already been made including new keyboards and (somewhat confusingly, because the stop-heads have not been changed) the revoicing of the Swell Harmonic Piccolo 2ft as a 4ft Flute, while a former Tierce 135 is now re-cast at 2ft pitch.



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