ORGAN OF THE MONTH 78: December 2008

Recital Hall, Birmingham Conservatoire
(Eule of Bautzen, 1936 )

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The "Susi Jeans" organ, recently rebuilt by Nicholson & Co in the Recital Hall of Birmingham Conservatoire, has attracted much interest in the organ world.  It was the subject of an article in the May 2008 edition of Organists' Review, to which you should refer for more details.  City Organist Thomas Trotter gave the re-inaugural recital earlier this year.

Lady Jeans was one of this country's earliest pioneers of the organ reform movement that began again to value the techniques of the Baroque era, such as tracker actions and low wind pressures.  She was an influential teacher, numbering George Guest, Peter Hurford and David Sanger amongst her pupils.  

Members of BOA recently enjoyed an evening in the Recital Hall arranged by Leonard Gibbons Award winner James Luxton, one of the Conservatoire's current organ students.  The organ was demonstrated by James and other students, after which BOA members had the opportunity to play this historic instrument.



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Last modified: November 29, 2008