ORGAN OF THE MONTH 76: October 2008

St Peter's, Little Aston
(Halmshaw 1874,  HNB 1957, Molineux 2007)

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The Lichfield & District Organists' Association (which was recently re-formed after a gap of several years, and shares a few members with BOA) held its first meeting at this church in May 2007: a talk by Jim Molineux following his recent work on the organ.  Earlier this year, it was the venue for the wedding of Past BOA President, Chris Stormont, when the organ was played by his father, IAO Vice President John Stormont.

The church does not have a particularly generous acoustic, but the organ makes a good impact in spite of this, no doubt helped by changes during the recent rebuild when an extended Trumpet rank was made available on all three divisions and a Mixture added to the Great.  The stop key console dates from the 1957 HN&B rebuild

As may be seen in the left photo, the organ is located on the North side of the Chancel.  Around and above the console, in front of the case pipes,  is a distinctive wrought iron frame surmounted by a cross.



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Last modified: September 28, 2008