ORGAN OF THE MONTH 55: January 2007

A Warwick house organ
(Lomgstaff & Jones, 1972, 1979, 1994)

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As part of the Association's visit to Warwick, we were invited to the home of Geoffrey Holroyde, in the basement of which there is a most interesting and unusual organ comprising eight independent ranks of pipes, from which registers are taken for each of the two manual and one pedal divisions, supplemented by three ranks produced via digital electronics.  All this fits into a chamber specially created in Geoffrey's cellar!

The compact console (see left photo) stands just outside and to the left of the chamber - in front of which there is also a harpsichord (see right photo).  The action is direct electric with a simulation of mechanical tracker, and there are no couplers or pistons.  None of the three digital ranks are designed to be used alone, but only in combination with sounds from the pipes.

Given the inevitable compromises when designing a house organ within such a limited space, this instrument is remarkably effective.


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