ORGAN OF THE MONTH 48: June 2006

Erdington Methodist Church
(Nicholson, 1902, 1950; Percy Daniels, 1971)

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The organ was installed in Erdington Methodist's current building (an amalgamation of High Street and Station Road churches in 1971) by Percy Daniels & Co of Clevedon, but much of the pipework is Nicholson and dates from 1902 when the previous church opened on this site.  The Great Open Diapason is labelled with a Roman numeral "I", indicating that a second diapason has been lost from the original instrument, probably in the 1971 rebuild that also saw a Swell Oboe disappear.  The Swell now has a single reed rank, which is available at 16ft, 8ft and 4ft pitches.

Provision for the organ was made in a spacious brick chamber above head height and level with a gallery on which the organ console is placed. Tuning access is via a ground floor door beneath the case-less display pipes (see left photo).

In 1987, during work on the church roof, a heavy fall of snow followed by a rapid thaw penetrated the temporary plastic sheets and the organ sustained considerable flood damage, repairs costing over 16,000.  The organ remains in the care of Percy Daniels & Co.

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Last modified: May 30, 2006