ORGAN OF THE MONTH 43: January 2006

Banners Gate United Reformed Church
(Thomas Hewins ??, Glanville Jones &  John Lloyd, 2000)

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Banners Gate URC is situated close to Sutton Park.  The organ arrived at the church in 1961 from Bishop Vessey Grammar School through the good offices of Rev Norman Kew (who, at the time, was both Minister of the church and a member of staff at the school), the work of local organ builder Glanville Jones, who later moved to Scotland and the firm of Solway Organs.

Its origin is uncertain, but at least part of it is thought to be the work of the Stratford-based firm of Thomas Hewins dating from the second half of the 19th century.  It is tonally unexceptional, the present interest arising from the new case that was designed and constructed by Bilston organ builder John Lloyd, who now maintains the instrument.

For almost forty years, the organ had no case, and the pipework was rather awkwardly positioned against one wall of a chamber above a vestibule at the West End of the church.  In 2000, John Lloyd effectively turned the organ through 90 degrees so that it now speaks directly into the Nave, providing the attractive case at the same time (see centre photo).



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