ORGAN OF THE MONTH 30: December 2004

St Paul's, Blackheath (Brindley & Foster, 1875 / Tom Sheffield, 1963)

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Now here's a loud organ - especially when seated at the console, where the impact of the Tuba en Chamade (really!) is considerable, as you might expect.

The original organ by Brindley & Foster was rebuilt by Tom Sheffield, who enlarged the Swell, enclosed the Choir, extended the Great Trumpet and provided that Tuba, which also appears at 16ft pitch in the Pedal Organ as a rather large Trombone. He also converted the action for keys and stops to direct electric.  Other unusual features include the Swell "Vox Angelica" (actually a Salicional) and the Vox Celeste which is tuned flat to beat with it, while the Choir Echo Diapason is a Dulciana also tuned flat.

Since the 1990s, the organ has been in the care of John Lloyd of Bilston.

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