ORGAN OF THE MONTH 28: October 2004

St Michael and All Angels, Langley, (Nicholson, 1897 & 1912 / John Lloyd, 1984)

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BOA member and former Hon Sec Nick Fanthom is the Organist here.  He has been associated with the church for 37 years, serving as organist since 1987, but he now reports that the future of both the instrument and the building are uncertain.

This three-manual Nicholson is largely in its original state (minor modifications were made by Nicholson in 1912) with tracker action, except for the tubular-pneumatic Pedal Organ.  The pedal clavier is concave but straight, which feels quite odd for those of us used to modern radiating types!  Some tonal additions and other improvements were made by John Lloyd in 1984.   It now has a balanced swell pedal, replacing the original "hitch-down" lever.  At the same time in the mid-80s, various ranks of upper work (Gemshorn, Fifteenth and Mixture on the Swell and Piccolo on the Choir) were added or redesigned, together with a Vox Humana.  At the request of the present organist, the Voix Celeste is now tuned flat (instead of sharp, as is usual) and so is more properly considered to be a Vox Angelica.  The choir organ speaks directly into the Nave, and so is much louder there than in the Choir itself.

Unfortunately, one of the heavy, exterior, roof-mounted concrete crosses recently made an unscheduled descent through the tiles above the organ chamber.  Following this and the subsequent rainwater damage, the organ is in need of T L C, but still produces attractive sounds.



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