ORGAN OF THE MONTH 16: October 2003

Holy Trinity Church, Wordsley (Bevington, 1838 / Conacher, 1910 / Nelson, 1946 / Sheffield 1982)

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The original 2-manual instrument by Bevington & Sons was installed (with the present casework) on a west-end gallery.  Following repairs and extension by Nicholson & Lord in 1882, Banfield & Sons moved it to its present position in the north-east corner in 1887.  The Choir Organ was added in 1910 by Conacher, when the action was changed to pneumatic.

In 1946 Nelson & Co enclosed the Choir, added a large Open Diapason to the Great (which is now used for the Pedal Octave and Fifteenth), and the extended Tromba rank that appears on Pedal, Great and Positif at various pitches.  Tom Sheffield was responsible for the last major reconstruction, with Trevor Tipple adding the present piston system and other accessories in 1999.  Much of the Great is original Bevington pipework, as are the 8ft and 4ft Swell reeds.  The 16ft Swell reed is Nelson.

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Last modified: September 30, 2003