ORGAN OF THE MONTH 04: October 2002

All Saints', West Bromwich (Brindley & Foster, 1898)
[rebuilt & enlarged by Nicholson & Co., 2002]

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Sir Frederick Bridge of Westminster Abbey gave the opening recital on this three-manual Brindley & Foster in December 1898.  After its initial construction, the organ remained unaltered until 1948, when a rebuild became necessary.  The Birmingham firm of Harris was engaged and, amongst other changes, raised the wind pressure from 3 to 5 inches, cutting up the mouths of much pipework to make this possible.  This lasted only twenty years before major work again became necessary and was undertaken by Hawkins of Walsall Wood. Great, Swell and Pedal divisions were restored in 1970, but the planned work on the Choir Organ was never started, and the instrument thus became a two-manual for the next 31 years of its life.  The rededication of the organ, now a three-manual once more after the recent work by Nicholson, was on 10th March 2002.


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Last modified: September 29, 2002